• Review Dark Souls Remastered (PS4)

    The master remastered

    We don't need to remind you that Dark Souls is an excellent game, so we're not going to sit here and reel off everything you already know about it. We're just going to cut right to the chase and give you the information you're looking for. Blight Town is no longer, er, blighted by poor framerate issues. The whole...


  • Review Bloodborne (PlayStation 4)

    The 'borne supremacy

    Republished on Wednesday 28th February 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of March's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. It's been an excruciating nine months since Bloodborne was first unveiled to wide-eyed spectators, as, much like more...




  • Review Dark Souls III (PS4)

    Ashes to ashes

    Dark Souls II was a tremendous video game – so good in fact that we happily played through it twice thanks to a timely HD remaster – but for some Souls fans, something wasn't quite right. It lacked the focus of the sublime original it was argued, and when it came to finding a scapegoat, such critics didn't have to look far...



  • Review Dark Souls II (PlayStation 3)

    Death imminent

    As a cursed individual banished to Drangleic, it’s your goal to collect the requisite souls required to prevent yourself from becoming a hollow while learning about the mysteries that surround you. This may be a sequel to Dark Souls, but it exists very much in a realm of its own, and doesn’t rely too heavily on the series’...