• Review Guitar Hero Live (PS4)

    Raging for the machine

    Guitar Hero Live is Activision's answer to Harmonix's Rock Band 4, and seems to be the complete polar opposite to it. While the new Rock Band allows you to use old instruments, Guitar Hero introduces a completely new one; where Rock Band 4 allows you to import old songs, Guitar Hero Live doesn't. The two rhythm games, despite...


  • Review DJ Hero 2 (PlayStation 3)

    The sequel to last year's dance, hip-hop and pop rhythm alternative; DJ Hero garnered a following with the crowd yet to be lulled by Guitar Hero's heavy-rock focus - those searching for a video game equivalent of club culture

    It both succeeded and failed — while the original DJ Hero's track-listing was a breath of fresh air, the game suffered from...


  • Review DJ Hero (PlayStation 3)

    Covering the electro, hip-hop, pop and dance arm of Activision's massive "Hero" franchise, DJ Hero puts you behind the decks as a master DJ, cutting and scratching yourself between tracks to make interesting mash-ups

    DJ Hero comes with a great controller, which represents the turntable and mixer of a real DJ's set-up. The turntable is topped with...