• Review 007 Legends (PlayStation 3)

    The Spy Who Bored Me

    With the new James Bond film Skyfall out next month, you might expect this year's 007 game to be all about the present — instead, Eurocom digs into the franchise's rich legacy, updating some of Bond's more memorable moments for the modern era. With the successful reimagining of GoldenEye, Eurocom proved that they know their...


  • Review Disney Universe (PlayStation 3)

    When you wish upon a star

    The team at Eurocom has done a fine job crafting a surprisingly engaging objective-based adventure with Disney Universe, lifting several ideas from the LEGO games of recent years while mixing in a smattering of fresh concepts and a hearty four-player option Developer Eurocom will always have a special place in the hearts of...


  • Review GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (PlayStation 3)

    Premium Bond?

    1998's GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64 was a watershed moment in first-person shooters, and is still held in the highest regard by thousands of gamers who hold every new Bond release up to that 64-bit benchmark. But just as the James Bond film series has moved on, so must its games, with Activision revisiting the original source material...


  • Review Vancouver 2010 (PlayStation 3)

    Very much what it says on the tin, Vancouver 2010 is the sports-game tie-in to the upcoming Winter Olympics

    Featuring a range of snow-based sporting activities, Vancouver 2010 is a simplistically presented package with a rather sparse feel. There's no career mode here, Vancouver 2010 is all about pushing for perfection against an ever-improving...