• Review Observer (PS4)

    Either a benefit or a hazard

    Bloober Team is a fascinating developer. The Polish outfit has released a couple of games this generation: its first, Basement Crawl, was so poorly received that it had to be remade, and was reborn as Brawl. Its follow-up to this was Layers of Fear, a Victorian-themed horror title about painting, and it remains one of...


  • Review Layers of Fear (PS4)

    Picture perfect

    As a Virgo, this author is all too familiar with the perils of perfectionism. Layers of Fear is a brilliant, brief psychological thriller which asks one very poignant question: how far is too far? Heavily inspired by Oscar Wilde's iconic turn-of-the-century novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, this meticulously designed vignette puts...


  • Review A-Men 2 (PlayStation Vita)

    Pray before playing

    The A-Men have returned to challenge your deductive skills in another set of devilishly difficult combat scenarios. The rouge robot army that you accidentally unleashed in the original title is still at large, and it’s up to you and your squad of specialists to eradicate them – or perhaps just skirt around them as you get to...


  • Review A-Men (PlayStation Vita)

    Get to the chopper!

    In the description on PS Store for A-Men Polish developer Bloober Team has thrown down the gauntlet to players by stating that its tactical 2D puzzle game is built for “hardcore gamers.” PlayStation gaming has a modest history of character swapping puzzle games; as far back as 1997 the PSone had Lost Vikings 2: Norse by...