• Review Heroes of Loot (PS Vita)

    ​Every little loot helps

    In the mood for some mobile-friendly monster murdering, dungeon marauding, and treasure looting on a bit of a restricted budget? Welcome to your new best friend, Heroes of Loot – a kind of Poundland answer to Diablo-style dungeon crawls. This is a rather lovely, simple, and fun mix of the role-playing and roguelike...



  • Review Awesomenauts Assemble! (PlayStation 4)

    It's rude to double-dip

    If you only tend to focus on the big titles released for Sony’s parallelogram-shaped machine, then you may have missed out on some of the memorable indie experiences deployed over the past few months. One such game is Ronimo Games' recently re-visited Awesomenauts Assemble!, a next-gen version of the 2012 multiplayer online...