• Review Mahjong Gold (PlayStation Vita)

    Shiver me tiles

    The Mahjong solitaire variant is a popular genre for handheld devices. In fact, it’s ideal for touch screen handhelds due to the nature of the game: bite-size puzzles solvable by matching pairs of symbols. And, indeed, 8 Floor Games' collection of Mahjong titles with their three star challenges, limited special abilities, and...


  • Review DayD Tower Rush (PlayStation Vita)


    You can’t swing a cat these days without hitting several tower defence games, and as a result it’s become increasingly difficult for new arrivals in the genre to stand out from the crowd. DayD Tower Rush is one such title, which, after trying its luck on iOS last year, has decided to peddle its mix of dinosaurs, time travel, and...


  • Review Mahjong World Contest (PlayStation Vita)

    Top tiles

    Mahjong World Contest is a mahjong solitaire variant with two twists: there’s a three star rating based on objectives, and clearing the board isn’t necessarily your overall goal. These tweaks augment a degree of tactical thinking to a rule set that arguably lacks the original Chinese game’s strategy – and it’s better for it,...