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  • News Resident Evil Village Receiving Free DLC, Says Capcom

    Marketing spiel reveals

    Resident Evil Village will be treated to some DLC at some point in the future, but that's quite literally all we know about it. Capcom made the announcement during its best forgotten E3 2021 digital showcase with a single image, suggesting the expansion is still in the early stages of development. However, a new rep

Thursday28th Oct 2021

  • News Resident Evil Village Ships Over Five Million Units

    Half of 7's sales already

    Capcom has issued another sales update for the excellent Resident Evil Village as part of an earnings call, sharing that the horror title has now shipped more than five million copies worldwide. It's the latest statistic after the Japanese publisher announced it had already shipped three million units just days after...

Monday14th Jun 2021

  • News Resident Evil Village Will Receive DLC in the Future

    Please be excited

    Resident Evil Village will be treated to some post-launch DLC at some point in the future. That's it. That's the article. The E3 2021 livestream dedicated a stretch of its broadcast to Japanese publisher Capcom, and just about the only piece of news worth sharing is that last month's survival horror hit will be expanded upon. No...

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  • News Resident Evil Village Has a Cute Reference to an Old Merchant

    What're yer buyin'?

    Resident Evil 4’s shady merchant is in the video game Hall of Fame, so it’s cute to see the character referenced in the all-new Resident Evil Village. Those who played the upcoming survival horror’s latest demo spotted the nod to the cloaked salesman, and clipped it for YouTube posterity. You can enjoy the Eater egg below,...

Friday23rd Apr 2021

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Tuesday20th Apr 2021

  • News Resident Evil Village Has Gyro Aiming on PS5, But It's Busted

    Not like this

    Sony’s new DualSense controller, much like the DualShock 4, has pretty good motion sensors in it – but developers rarely use them. This is frustrating, because we’re big believers in gyro aiming: the concept of fine-tuning your shots by tilting the pad. Those who’ve experienced the feature in, say, Gravity Rush 2 and Uncharted:...

Friday16th Apr 2021