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  • News Like a Good Neighbour, Jake from State Farm Is in NBA 2K22

    Full face scan and everything

    Like a good neighbour, State Farm is there – including in NBA 2K22. The American insurance firm is a huge advertiser during primetime sports events in the United States, including the NFL and NBA, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see 2K Sports sign a partnership with the organisation and inject some ads within the...

  • Site News NBA 2K22 PS5, PS4 Review - Where Is It?

    It's coming, a'ight

    We’ve already published our Tales of Arise PS5 review and Life Is Strange: True Colors PS5 review, so you may be wondering where our NBA 2K22 review is. This one is going to take a little while, we’re afraid: that’s because due to the online nature of the release we only received review code until about an hour before...

Thursday9th Sep 2021

  • News NBA 2K22 Is an Ankle Breaking 109GB on PS5, 100GB on PS4

    Larger than life

    Make some space, because NBA 2K22 is enormous on both PlayStation 5 and PS4 – just like its predecessors, we suppose. On the next-gen console, you’re looking at an eye-watering 108.897GB, with the last-gen version not far behind at 99.137GB. That’s a scary file size, so if you have purchased it from the PS Store, you’ll...

Wednesday8th Sep 2021

  • News NBA 2K22's Franchise Mode Focuses on Staff and Training

    Deeper than ever

    Madden NFL 22 made some pretty big improvements to its Franchise mode this year, but when you see what 2K Sports is doing with MyNBA on the PlayStation 5, it serves as a reminder of just how far behind the American football franchise is. While EA Sports added offensive and defensive coordinators, NBA 2K22 will allow you to assign up...

Tuesday7th Sep 2021

Thursday2nd Sep 2021

  • News NBA 2K22's MyTeam Iterates on Controversial Card Collecting Mode

    Holographics! Grading! Drafts! More!

    Look, we get that the gacha element is exorbitantly expensive, but 2K Sports is generally quite generous with its card collecting modes. NBA 2K21 allowed you to assemble a pretty deadly squad without spending a cent, and while we can’t say for sure that NBA 2K22 will be the same, the very nature of basketball...

Tuesday31st Aug 2021

  • News NBA 2K22 Puts the Spotlight on Defense in Full Gameplay Breakdown


    NBA 2K22 will be slightly faster than its predecessor, according to an enormous blog post delving into its headline gameplay improvements. The enormous rundown discusses how you can expect “faster” dribbling with “much tighter control”, but the emphasis is mostly on defense. 2K Sports states that the “shot contest and blocking...

  • News NBA 2K22 PS5 Gameplay Trailer Throws It Down

    Put a dunk on it

    Well, then – here’s your first look at NBA 2K22 “gameplay”. We put that in quotes not necessarily to be snarky, but to note that it’s not technically gameplay at all. Alright, there’s no doubt this is captured using PlayStation 5 footage, but all of the fancy camera angles aren’t really representative of what you’ll...

Friday27th Aug 2021

  • News NBA 2K22 Fleshes Out WNBA Mode, But It's Still Next-Gen Only

    Make connections with the league's biggest stars

    NBA 2K22 will add some meat to the bones of its WNBA mode The W this year, offering more variety during off-days – including the ability to train with some of the league’s biggest stars. You’ll be able to hook up with the likes of Candace Parker, A’ja Wilson, and Nneka Ogwumike in a variety of...

Tuesday24th Aug 2021

  • News NBA 2K22 Adding Go-Karts for the Most Dedicated Ballers

    A MyCareer reward for reaching Level 40

    Well, well, well. 2K Sports had promised we’d get our first glimpse at NBA 2K22’s Seasons this week, and here’s the information drop. As previously announced, the publisher will be adding Battle Pass-esque content to MyCareer and The W this year, in addition to MyTeam. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem...

  • News 2K Sports Taking NBA 2K22 Marketing to the Buzzer on PS5, PS4

    Buzzer beater

    Aside from player ratings and an initial information drop, 2K Sports is operating on an unprecedentedly short marketing cycle for NBA 2K22. In fact, following the news of WWE 2K22’s delay, many fans felt Visual Concepts’ basketball sim would be next in line. Perhaps in an attempt to allay fears,

Wednesday18th Aug 2021

  • News NBA 2K22 Screenshots Drive to the Hoop as Ratings Roll Out

    It's over 90

    NBA 2K22 has reached the point in its promotional cycle when social media mangers squeeze every last ounce of interest out of player ratings. Frankly, we’re not all that fussed about these arbitrary scores – we know they affect gameplay, obviously – but fans go gaga over their favourites being ranked, and it’s an opportunity to...

Wednesday4th Aug 2021

  • News NBA 2K22 to Stay Fresh with Evolving PS5, PS4 Soundtrack

    New songs every season

    The worst thing about sports games are the repetitive soundtracks that really being to grate after a couple of months – or hours, in the case of Madden NFL 21. NBA 2K22 will seek to solve this problem by introducing a constantly evolving soundtrack, where new songs will be added on the first Friday of each season. “NBA 2K...

Tuesday20th Jul 2021

  • News NBA 2K22 Drills Down New PS5, PS4 Features

    The City! Seasons! MyTeam Drafts! Hip-hop businesses?

    It’s all on the line in the NBA today, as the Bucks play for a ring and the Suns try to take this series to a decider. Arguably even more exciting is the first Courtside Report on NBA 2K22, which teases the first batch of features. As was the case last year, both the PlayStation 5 and PS4...

Wednesday14th Jul 2021

  • News Dallas Mavericks Superstar Luka Dončić Fronts NBA 2K22

    Slam dunk

    Well, it was inevitable really, but Dallas Mavericks’ versatile guard Luka Dončić is the star of NBA 2K22, fronting the Standard Edition and its Cross-Gen Digital Bundle. As that sentence already implies, there are no free PS4 to PS5 upgrades here – just like FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22 – so you’ll need to purchase a pricier bundle...