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  • News Hatsune Miku the Latest to Join Fall Guys in Upcoming Event

    Sound of the Future

    The next Fall Guys crossover certainly matches its current season. Hatsune Miku, the virtual singer, is set to join the fun in Epic's multiplayer party game, with a new in-game event to celebrate. The Sound of the Future event is how you'll earn both halves of the Miku outfit, as well as various other themed cosmetic goodies. It...

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  • News Fall Guys Season 2 Launches into Space on 15th September

    Satellite Scramble coming soon

    The next season of Fall Guys is right around the corner. After going free-to-play, the game is moving on to Season 2 — Satellite Scramble — on 15th September, just a few days away. As the trailer suggests, it takes the online multiplayer title to space for some interstellar nonsense. The new season will feature...

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  • News Fall Guys Blasts Past the 50 Million Players Mark

    In just two weeks

    Fall Guys just blasted past yet another milestone, amassing an astounding 50 million players since the title went free-to-play just two weeks ago, after having amassed some 20 million players in the first 48 hours alone. The impressive achievement was announced on the official Fall Guys Twitter account: I

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  • News Fall Guys Has 20 Million Players After Free-to-Play Release

    All inside 48 hours

    Fall Guys racked up 20 million players within the first 48 hours of its free-to-play release last week. The total covers all platforms the game is playable on, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, mobile phones, and a new Nintendo Switch edition. Team Mediatonic revealed the news on Twitter and invited even more players to check out...

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  • News Fall Guys Is Now Free for All on PS5, PS4

    Free for all, and all for fun

    We knew it was coming, and the moment has now arrived. Starting today, 21 June, Fall Guys is free for all players on PS5 and PS4. The manic battle royale remains immensely popular, and it's only likely to become more so now that another barrier to entry has been removed. Today also marks the start of Fall Guys' first...

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  • News Fall Guys Is Getting a Level Editor

    Have we not suffered enough?

    Yesterday was a big day for Fall Guys, making several major announcements. Most notably, the game is going free-to-play, but it's also receiving a dedicated PS5 version, cross-play and cross-progression, and a brand new season of fresh content for players to enjoy. One thing we straight up missed among all the...

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