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  • News This New PS Plus Premium Free Trial Is Rather Pitiful

    Just 45 minutes of play

    All the free PS Plus Premium trials you get with a subscription to Sony's top membership tier are easily one of the most underrated features of the service, but not when they're this short. A new limited-time trial for Hogwarts Legacy has just gone live on the PS Store, and it's... 45 minutes long. That is not even enough...

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  • News Hogwarts Legacy PS4 Version Delayed to May 2023

    Last-gen editions pushed back

    Hogwarts Legacy has been available on PS5 for just shy of a month now, and it's been hugely successful so far. However, the fantasy RPG is also due to arrive on last-gen consoles, including PS4. If you're hanging on for that version of the game, you'll be in for a longer wait than expected. Developer Avalanche Software...

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  • News Hogwarts Legacy Team Confirms DLC Isn't Planned

    Accio won't give it to you either

    Hogwarts Legacy developer Avalanche Software has confirmed it doesn't have any post-launch DLC (downloadable content) in the works for its wizarding simulator as of right now. Speaking with IGN, game director Alan Tew said the team has been so focused on shipping the base game that "at the moment there are no...

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  • News Hogwarts Legacy Is Now Putting Out Music Videos

    From a 54-piece orchestra

    You've had the ASMR, so now it is time for the music videos. The marketing lead-up to Hogwarts Legacy outside of its standard trailers hasn't exactly been of the usual type, with relaxing audio set to backdrops of Hogwarts castle posted to YouTube, and now official music videos. What this really is is a live capture of a...

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