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Thursday16th Mar 2023

  • News FPS Far Cry 5 Upgraded to 60fps with PS5 Patch

    USA! USA!

    Update: As expected, Far Cry 5 will now run at 60 frames-per-second on PS5, as part of a patch that optimises the PS4 game on Sony's new-gen console. The update is available to download now, and is deplying ahead of a free weekend for the release, scheduled to run 23rd March through 27th March. <related ids="105982"> Original...

Wednesday4th Aug 2021

  • News Far Cry 5 Is Free This Weekend, Full Game Heavily Discounted

    From Thursday to Monday

    If you're looking forward to playing Far Cry 6 this October but you haven't gotten around to checking out its predecessor, Ubisoft is offering you the chance to play it completely free of charge. Far Cry 5 — that's the full game — will be hosting a free weekend of play over the next four days. It all kicks off tomorrow at...

Sunday27th Jun 2021

Thursday16th May 2019

Wednesday29th Aug 2018

  • News Far Cry 5 Gains New Game + Mode in Latest Major Update

    Visit Hope County once again

    As has become the fashion recently, Far Cry 5 is the latest major game to receive a New Game + mode in a post launch update. It operates as you'd expect -- once you've finished the story, you'll be able to carry all your character's progression over to a new run. This includes, money, skills, equipment, weapons, and...

Friday17th Aug 2018

  • News Far Cry 5 Goes to the Movies with Final DLC, Dead Living Zombies

    Available soon

    The season pass for Far Cry 5 has been pretty crazy. Not only does it give you Far Cry 3: Classic Edition, but the first two DLC packs have both massively changed things up, going from the Vietnam war all the way to Mars. The third and final DLC, Dead Living Zombies, is yet another wildly different experience, and it's available...

Friday6th Jul 2018

  • News Latest Far Cry 5 Update Brings Photo Mode to Hope County


    For those who are still enjoying Far Cry 5 and its modern Montana setting, Ubisoft has just put out an update that brings a robust Photo Mode. You can snap some pictures during any solo content, meaning the main game, the DLC, and any solo missions in Far Cry Arcade. Accessing Photo Mode is as simple as pausing the game, and it gives...

Wednesday4th Apr 2018

  • News Far Cry 5 Destroys Franchise Sales Records

    Digital sales surpass 50 per cent

    Ubisoft sure knows how to sell video games, with Far Cry 5 more than doubling the sales of its numbered predecessor to become the fastest selling title in the franchise’s history. New data from the French publisher reveals that more than 50 per cent of the copies were sold digitally through venues such as the...

Wednesday28th Mar 2018

  • News Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Hunts Down a PS4 Release Date

    Vaas good news

    Amid all the announcements regarding Far Cry 5's season pass content, Ubisoft revealed that one of the most popular entries in the series, Far Cry 3, would be making its way to PlayStation 4 as a 'Classic Edition'. Yesterday, the publisher announced on Steam that the port will be releasing on 26th June 2018. However, if you purchased...

Monday26th Mar 2018

  • News Watch Far Cry 5 Video, Score 20% PSN Discount

    Money off

    Update (26th March): This offer is temporarily live again right now, all you need to do is watch a Far Cry 5 video exactly the same as last week's MLB The Show 18 promotion. Assuming that stocks haven't already run dry, you'll get a 20 per cent off voucher to use across an entire transaction on the PlayStation Store. You can enter the...

Tuesday6th Mar 2018

  • News Far Cry Arcade Is Far Cry 5's Map Editor, Looks Bananas

    Includes crossover content

    Far Cry 5 is looking pretty mad. The jury is still out on whether the game will deliver an interesting story, but what we do know about the fast-approaching sequel tells us we're in for a typically crazy experience. Not long ago, Ubisoft revealed the season pass for Far Cry 5, which includes further adventures featuring...

Friday2nd Feb 2018

  • News Far Cry 5 Season Pass Detailed, Is Typically Mental

    Far Cry 3 included

    Ubisoft is gearing up the Far Cry 5 marketing machine, it seems. In addition to a new story trailer, the publisher has released details of the game's season pass, and it's kind of bonkers. It includes three new campaigns in three very different settings. The first is Hours of Darkness, which takes you back to the Vietnam war;...

  • News New Far Cry 5 Trailer Reacquaints us With Cult Leader Joseph Seed

    Holy moly

    We haven't heard an awful lot about Far Cry 5 of late, so it's good to see a brand new trailer crop up ahead of its launch next month. This video focuses on the game's story, which sees a violent religious cult take over Hope County, with you helping to form a resistance and fight back against it. The main antagonist Joseph Seed plays a...

Thursday7th Dec 2017

Tuesday13th Jun 2017

  • E3 2017 Walk the Dog with Far Cry 5 Gameplay Demo

    Eat lead

    Sony’s uploaded a meaty chunk of unedited Far Cry 5 gameplay running on the PlayStation 4, which shows one full combat encounter from start to finish. As is tradition for the franchise, it’s all about approaching the scenario how you want to, and in this clip the dog Boomer plays a big part in scouting out enemies – and even has a...

Monday12th Jun 2017

  • E3 2017 Ubisoft Debuts Far Cry 5 Gameplay in New Trailer

    Amazing grace

    After a somewhat controversial game reveal last month, Ubisoft has now treated us to the first gameplay trailer for Far Cry 5. In it, we see two players coordinating an ambush on the cultists as they terrorise some captors. A fully co-op campaign is a big feature of Far Cry 5, which Ubisoft is clearly keen to highlight. We also see...

Friday26th May 2017

Wednesday24th May 2017

  • News First Far Cry 5 Art Shows Signs of a Sinister American Cult

    Deadly sins

    Ahead of the full reveal that's due this Friday, Ubisoft has released the first bit of key art for Far Cry 5. Your humble hosts predicted that this latest instalment would be about creepy religious cults in the American wilderness, and judging by this image, we're spot on. In the picture, some sort of reverend is sitting at a table with...

Tuesday16th May 2017