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Tuesday13th Jun 2023

  • News The Last of Us PC Patch Verifies Remake for Steam Deck

    Decked out

    The Last of Us: Part I hasn’t exactly had the best time since its busted release on PC, but developer Naughty Dog committed itself to fixing the issues – and now an all-new patch has finally verified the release for use with the Steam Deck handheld. Patch v1.1, which is available to download now, promises performance improvements, bug...

Thursday27th Apr 2023

  • News The Last of Us' Busted PC Port Is on the Up with 25GB Patch

    It can't be for nothing

    Another patch has been released for the embattled PC port of The Last of Us: Part I, this one weighing in at a hefty 25GB. And while it's only been live for a few hours, players are already reporting some positive improvements, particularly on mid-range machines. Patch purports to optimize framerates and improv

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Friday31st Mar 2023

  • News The Last of Us Is One of Sony's More Popular PC Ports Despite the Flaws

    Peak player count of 36,496

    Even with its silly bugs and performance problems, The Last of Us: Part I has proven to be one of Sony's more popular PC ports. A peak of 36,496 players were all experiencing the Naughty Dog title at once on release day, and the game has consistently pulled in roughly 20,000 users in the evenings each day since. This...

  • Random The Last of Us Looks Kinda Awesome As an FPS

    Time for a close up

    The Last of Us is not a first-person shooter – but what if it was? We’re sure PC mods will give us a better idea one day in the not too distant future, but Twitter user Ceraphyte has used Photo Mode to sneak us an early glimpse. Basically, these screenshots show the survival horror game from the perspective of a traditional...

Thursday30th Mar 2023

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Tuesday28th Mar 2023

  • News Left 4 Dead, Portal Bonuses Part of The Last of Us PC Version

    T-shirts for Ellie revealed

    The Last of Us: Part I is available now on PC, and one cool element exclusive to the version uploaded to Steam is a few new t-shirts for Ellie to wear in-game. After rolling credits, you can head to the extras menu and unlock threads based on Valve games Left 4 Dead and Portal. You can view them both below. These come...

  • News You May Be Able to Take The Last of Us on a Roadtrip Soon

    Seemingly compatible with Steam Deck

    The Last of Us: Part 1 will make its PC debut later today, and despite demanding some pretty hefty specifications, it looks like it’s Steam Deck verified. Valve appears to have let the cat out of the bag, with the game included on some promotional banners for the handheld. Obviously, we’ll need to wait a few...

Thursday9th Mar 2023

Friday3rd Feb 2023

  • News The Last of Us: Part 1's PC Release Date Delayed a Few Weeks

    Naughty Dog wants to get it right

    Hey, what's a PlayStation Studios game without a delay? Originally set to debut on PC from the 3rd March, The Last of Us: Part I will now land just over three weeks later, on the 28th March. According to Naughty Dog, this should ensure that the port "lives up to your, and our, standards". The developer also says...

Friday9th Dec 2022

  • News The Last of Us: Part I on PC Costs Less Than PS5 Version

    Money matters

    The Last of Us: Part I is by and large a very successful remake of one of Sony's best games. However, upon launch, one thing left a bad taste in the mouths of its fans: the asking price. The PS5 remake costs $69.99/£69.99, which is quickly becoming an industry standard. It's pretty darn steep, and left a sour aftertaste on what...