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  • News Sonic Mania Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order This Saturday

    Plus, hear a brand new track

    Remember a few weeks back when the vinyl soundtrack for Sonic Mania was announced? Well, the company producing said soundtrack, Data Discs, has updated the product listing on its site, providing a few more details as to how you can get your mitts on one. You'll be able to pre-order the album from Saturday, 22nd...


  • News Sonic Mania's Official Vinyl Will Have You Tapping Your Feet


    SEGA’s teamed with Data Discs to bring the electropop beats of Sonic Mania to a record player near to you. The British-based company – already behind a slew of top-notch vinyl collections – has been charged with creating a package befitting of Tee Lopes’ brilliant beats. And looking at the mock up images, it has hit a home run...


  • News Sonic Mania Spin Dashes to PS4 on 15th August


    The jury may still be out on Sonic Forces, but at least Sonic Mania is looking spot-on. The retro revival – which is set to rekindle the feel of Sonic games of yore – is finally scheduled to release on 15th August for $19.99, and it’s available to pre-order on the PlayStation 4 right now. “Re-live the Sonic of the past with an...




  • Feature Three Reasons Why Sonic Mania on PS4 Will Be Rad

    Sonic Cycle be damned

    Let's start by dealing with the talking hedgehog in the room, huh? The lighting in the video you'll find above is… Pretty bad. We'd love to say that we unleashed our inner-Super Sonic and somehow turned our skin a subtle shade of Simpsons yellow, but as amateurs we just completely cocked up the colour grading both at source...

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