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  • Video Feast Your Eyes on Nex Machina's First Levels

    Boom boom

    Housemarque be like: we need some more voxels in here, we need some more voxels in here. The latest game from the Finnish developer Nex Machina builds upon the blueprints laid by Resogun, but instead of being a twist on Defender it better resembles Smash TV. Check out the video for a look at the first world and so

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    Review Nex Machina

    Death machine

    Nex Machina reinforces Housemarque’s status as the undisputed king of the dual-joystick shooter. This collaboration with arcade veteran Eugene Jarvis (he of Defender and Smash TV fame) is a borderline perfect spin on the genre, as you take control of a futuristic space pilot pushing back against hordes of voxel-based robots. Your...



  • News Resogun Maker Housemarque's Nex Machina Nabs New Features

    Season's greetings

    It's hard not to be excited for new Housemarque, and the Finnish outfit has this week outlined a little more about PlayStation 4 and PC shooter Nex Machina. On top of the blistering arcade action, you can expect to find a Seasons mode, which will change up the rules on a regular basis and see you competing with the community for a...