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    Review Matterfall

    Zero-G Suit Samus

    In a weird kind of way, Matterfall is what Mighty No. 9 was supposed to be. Artistically, the Housemarque developed side-scroller couldn’t be different to Keiji Inafune’s cartoon Kickstarter, but the gameplay – which is designed around a dash mechanic, just like Mega Man’s ill-fated spiritual successor – has many...


  • News Housemarque Is Really Spoiling Us with Matterfall

    Watch a full eight minutes of gameplay

    Nex Machina only just released, but Housemarque is already set to return to the PlayStation 4 with Matterfall in August. And the side-scrolling twin-stick shooter is looking awesome. Embedded above is an eight minute playthrough which details how the game operates, and it’s incredible how faithful it appears...