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  • News Will PlayStation Expand to Non-Gaming Devices? Yes, It's a Certainty

    PlayStation Unlimited

    Sony’s high-profile acquisition of Gaikai last year means that it’s only a matter of time before you’re playing PlayStation games on multiple devices. While the company intends to start streaming games to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita next year in North America, it also has plans to expand that...



  • News Gaikai Streaming Is Totally Coming to PS3 and Vita, Too

    Pretty soon in North America

    It’s been a while since we heard, well, anything about Gaikai streaming. Sony rolled out Earthworm Jim creator Dave Perry during its PlayStation 4 unveiling press conference in February to touch upon the mythical service, but aside from confirming a 2014 launch at E3, it’s been pretty mute on the subject since...


  • News Your PlayStation Network Games Won't Work on PlayStation 4

    In fact, none of your current PlayStation 3 content will carry across

    We warned you not to expect backward compatibility on the PlayStation 4. If you followed our advice then hopefully you’re not too disappointed, because Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that your existing PlayStation 3 content will not work on the next...

  • News Gaikai's Extensive PS4 Role Comes to Light

    Backward compatibility streaming, Vita to PS4 Remote Play

    After last year's acquisition of Gaikai, many have been wondering just how prominent the game streaming company and its technology would be for PlayStation 4. The answer was given during the console's big announcement event this evening, and it became clear that the company is delivering...

  • News PlayStation Domains Point to Cloudy Forecast

    The future's overcast

    Sony’s recently acquired Gaikai service is expected to factor heavily into tomorrow’s PlayStation Meeting, and it looks like the firm has been busy ahead of the event. Legendary online sleuth Superannuation has dug up a collection of domain names, all pointing to a product called 'PlayStation Cloud'

  • Talking Point Why Gaikai Is Paramount to PlayStation's Future

    Streaming solutions

    Sony’s not enjoyed much financial success lately. The company has been bleeding money for years, primarily due to its diminished relevance in the consumer electronics sector. Where the Japanese giant was once considered the market leader, it’s been outmuscled by more versatile competitors such as Apple, Samsung, and even LG...

  • Rumour Gaikai Will Enable PS3 Streaming on PS4

    Future proof

    Backward compatibility has been a source of much deliberation on the PlayStation 4. The complex architecture of the current PlayStation 3 means that it will be practically impossible for Sony to emulate the system on its next generation console, leaving legacy support on the chopping block. However, the firm’s high-profile acquisition...


  • News Sony Refreshes Gaikai Website with Iconic PlayStation Imagery

    It's happening

    Sony’s keeping tight-lipped about its plans for cloud-streaming company Gaikai, but a new image on the latter’s website indicates that changes are taking place behind the scenes. The picture shows the recently acquired company’s logo surrounded by multiple PlayStation mascots such as Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Raiden and a...


  • News Gaikai's David Perry: 'I Have to Start Thinking Differently Now'

    Opening doors with Sony

    Sony's acquisition of Gaikai, the cloud gaming service, for $380 million was a major statement of intent. It may not necessarily bring dividends in the imminent future, but the potential for cloud gaming under the Sony banner is clearly an exciting prospect. Speculation has ranged from Gaikai featuring prominently on PS4, to...

  • News David Perry Pushing for Core Focus with PlayStation 4

    Lip service

    When Sony acquired cloud gaming service Gaikai for $380 million earlier this month, it also picked up a rather valuable asset in the form of the company’s founder David Perry. The industry legend (who had a hand in creating the original Earthworm Jim) is now a PlayStation employee – and he’s already looking to making an impact on...

  • News Sony Stresses the Importance of Retail Despite Gaikai Purchase

    Brick and mortar

    If you’re worried that PlayStation is going to exist exclusively in the cloud from now on, then Sony has a silver lining for you. Chatting with industry website MCV, Sony UK’s Fergal Gara explained that while the high street is going through a “readjustment” period, it’s still massively important to the platform holder's...

  • News Gaikai Purchase Could Bring Gaming to Other Sony Devices

    Silver lining

    While Sony’s unexpected $380 million acquisition of Gaikai was initiated by Sony Computer Entertainment this week, there’s still a sense that the deal was passed for reasons outside of PlayStation. After all, the very idea of cloud gaming is that state-of-the-art experiences can be enjoyed on significantly weaker connected devices...

  • Talking Point Sony's Gaikai Acquisition Hints at a Bright Future

    Blue sky thinking

    One recurring criticism has noticeably been fired at Sony throughout the entire span of this console generation; that the Japanese manufacturer has forgotten how to lead. The once thoughtful electronics giant responsible for innovations such as the Walkman and PlayStation has arguably spent too long in its competitor’s shadows...

  • News Sony Purchases Gaikai for $380 Million

    Cloud nine

    There was truth to the rumours after all. Sony has just announced that it has purchased leading cloud gaming service Gaikai for a cool $380 million. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Sony’s Andrew House said that as a result of the deal, users will be able to “instantly enjoy a broad array of content ranging from immersive core...


  • News Sony Is Not Working with Gaikai on Cloud Gaming

    Clear outlook

    The big rumour leading into E3 suggested that Sony was on the verge of announcing a partnership with a leading cloud gaming service – but the supposed PlayStation streaming solution turned out to be a no show. Dave Perry, the boss of the most likely candidate Gaikai, has since told Eur

  • Rumour Sony Working with Gaikai on PlayStation Backwards Compatibility

    An interesting workaround

    When rumours regarding a prospective partnership between Sony and a major cloud gaming service started to spread, we speculated that the company might be looking to the technology to solve its platform's backwards compatibility issues. According to a report on GamesIndustry International this afternoon, that’s exactly...


  • News Gaikai Teases Major E3 Announcements

    Connecting the dots

    Yesterday we reported that Sony was preparing to announce a partnership with a leading cloud gaming service at E3. One of the potential candidates for that team-up, Gaikai, has since followed up with a batch of press invites, teasing “major announcements” for next month’s show. Apparently, the company's reveals have...