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  • News Planets Under Attack Invades the PSN on 21st November

    Prepare yourself

    Super secret PlayStation Network strategy title Planets Under Attack will launch on 21st November in Europe, developer Targem has told us. The game will be available in a trial and unlock format, meaning you’ll be able to test out the futuristic fleet management simulator before you spend a penny. The developer behind the...

  • News What on Earth Is Planets Under Attack for PSN?


    In this age of online connectivity, it’s rare that we don’t know about a game well in advance of its release – but Planets Under Attack slots directly under that curious category. The mysterious digital title was scheduled to get a demo on the European PlayStation Network a few weeks ago, but it never emerged. In spite of that, the...


  • News Pressure Blends Steampunk with Car Combat Next Month

    Under pressure

    Pressure fuses a slew of different ideas together. The Chasing Carrots developed PSN title mixes steampunk with isometric racing and car combat. It actually looks pretty fun, too. In the game, you’ll control a steam-powered buggy, and attempt to chase down the evil Earl of Wellness, who has drained the local lake in order to...