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News: Prepare to Die with Fresh European PS4 Deals

Prepare to Die with Fresh European PS4 Deals

Soul searcher

If you're not exactly feeling the festive cheer yet, then perhaps you may enjoy indulging your masochistic side with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, which has been discounted this week on the European PlayStation Store. The punishing but popular game will be available for £19.99 until 25th November, which is cheaper than on...

Store Update: 17th November 2015 (Europe)

17th November 2015 (Europe)


Three consecutively enormous weeks on the PlayStation Store conclude with the latest European PlayStation Store update, as Star Wars Battlefront becomes the last big game to hit the PlayStation 4 before Just Cause 3 next month. Deadpool and The Crew: Wild Run are also out this time, with various bits of DLC for

Store Update: 10th November 2015 (Europe)

10th November 2015 (Europe)

Waster land

We don't really need to tell you what's new on the European PlayStation Store this week, do we? Okay, maybe we do: Fallout 4. But while Bethesda's colossal role-playing release will certainly be catching the most attention, it's worth pointing out that there are other games – like Sword Art Online: Lost Song, for starters – available...

News: We Wished Our PS4 Life Was This Wonderful

We Wished Our PS4 Life Was This Wonderful

Here to make you go

Life in Push Square Towers revolves around sifting through the shite in press releases and proof reading dozens of articles a day, so we're definitely jealous of this particular PlayStation 4 player's daily routine. Sony's new European TV ad is absolutely crammed with brand references, with everything from Street Fighter V to...

News: PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score Sweet EU PS4 Savings

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score Sweet EU PS4 Savings

Cash back

This month's PlayStation Plus lineup isn't looking all that tasty, but the latest wave of European PlayStation Store sales should have you salivating in no time. On the cut-price menu this month are a slew of PlayStation 4 double discounts, which will see you pocketing savings of up to 70 per cent on mouth-watering titles like Saints Row...

Store Update: 27th October 2015 (Europe)

27th October 2015 (Europe)

Dropping in

Sony's deployed the European PlayStation Store update for 27th October, which we have the sneaking suspicion doesn't include absolutely everything set to be released. Rumours are that DriveClub's bikes expansion will also drop today, so keep an eye on today's press conference for more on that.

Store Update: 20th October 2015 (Europe)

20th October 2015 (Europe)

London's calling

How much time and money have you got? If your answer to both of these questions is 'a lot', then good news: the European PlayStation Store update has arrived. Assassin's Creed Syndicate is the big new game this week, but there are other titles like Overlord: Fellowship of Evil and Just Dance 2016 vying for your attention. What are...

Store Update: 13th October 2015 (Europe)

13th October 2015 (Europe)

Buyers be aware

It's insanity on the European PlayStation Store this week – and we're not referring to Goosebumps' wince-inducing £54.99 price point. No, we're more referencing the sheer volume of content, which spans everything from Minecraft: Story Mode all the way through to The Talos Principle and

Store Update: 6th October 2015 (Europe)

6th October 2015 (Europe)

New releases rolling out

It's an absolutely gigantic week on the European PlayStation Store, with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection obviously at the front of all our minds. Rock Band 4 and Grand Ages: Medieval are also out this time, while 1001 Spikes has finally made the short journey across the Atlantic Ocean. PS4 Games: 1001 Spikes (Out...

Store Update: 30th September 2015 (Europe)

30th September 2015 (Europe)

Epic bail

Sony puts less effort into these European PlayStation Store update posts with each passing week – but then we suppose it is a thankless task, seeing as they're always followed by a stream of frustrating comments. Either way, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is the biggie this week. It apparently sucks. PS4 Games: Arcade Archives Moon...

News: Thought-Provoking Vita Title Actual Sunlight Finally Gets a European Release Date

Thought-Provoking Vita Title Actual Sunlight Finally Gets a European Release Date

Not too long to wait, either

Actual Sunlight is a strange little game that deals with depression and other life issues. It's a thought-provoking title that we quite liked back when we reviewed it after its North American release - and now it's finally got a European launch date. If you've found yourself intrigued by this rather bleak yet...

Store Update: 22nd September 2015 (Europe)

22nd September 2015 (Europe)

Back of the net

European PlayStation Store update cliché #112: it's a humdinger of a week on Sony's virtual plaza. FIFA 16 is perhaps the hottest highlight this time, but spare a thought for SOMA and Curve Digital's big Instant Indie Collection, too. What are you buying? PS4 Games: EA SPORTS FIFA 16 (Out 22/09/15, varies by...

Store Update: 15th September 2015 (Europe)

15th September 2015 (Europe)

Return of the king

We really must stop introducing these Store Update posts with clichés like "it's a big week on the PlayStation Store" – but this tends to be a universal truth at the minute. Destiny: The Taken King is obviously the major attraction this time, but a mention must go to PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer, too. What's caught your eye?...

News: This EU DriveClub Deal Is An Absolute Steal

This EU DriveClub Deal Is An Absolute Steal

Cheap and cheerful

We have no hesitation saying that DriveClub is one of the best games on the PlayStation 4 these days, but if the launch issues put you off then there's never been a better time to pick it up. Sony's currently selling the main game alongside its Season Pass for a mind bogglingly cheap £15.99 on the European PlayStation Store –...