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    Review Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 5: Above and Beyond

    Put to bed-rock

    The finale to Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two is finally here, meaning you can now play the entire game from start-to-finish in one sitting. To be fair, this may help the series a great deal, as Season Two has really struggled to produce lengthy episodes that keep your interest. The finale is no different clocking in at around the...

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    Review Forma.8

    Where's 1-7?

    Republished on Wednesday 29th November 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of December's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Forma.8 is an atmospheric, Metroidvania adventure game in which you take on the role of a spherical, flying alien. You are deployed...

  • News New Arrival Moira Is Now Playable in Overwatch on PS4

    It's a matter of life and death

    The new Overwatch character, Moira, is now playable on the PlayStation 4. First announced at Blizzcon earlier this month, she came as quite the surprise for fans -- the majority very pleased to finally be getting another Support hero. Moira's abilities include using orbs to both heal and damage others, a short range...

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    Review Cat Quest

    Purr-fection or cat-astrophe?

    Cat Quest is an open world RPG set in the land of Felingard which has been conquered by dragons. You play as the last of the blood knight cats meaning you have the ability to slay these dragons with the help of your trusty sword. That’s not the only issue in these lands, though, as an evil pussy named Drakoth has...

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    Review Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 4: Below the Bedrock

    Rock bottom?

    Below the Bedrock is the penultimate episode in Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two and boy are we glad it’s going to end soon. With the opening three episodes getting very mixed reviews we weren’t expecting much to change for the fourth, however we were surprised with a genuinely enjoyable and well balanced experience.  ...

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    Review Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut


    Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut is a sliding puzzle game, very similar in style to Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. A bunch of kids have set up camp upon an old burial ground, making for your typical spooky story setting. Playing as a killer you must rid the camp of all its innocent children in the most brutally murderous way possible.  The...

  • News Stranger Things Is Getting a PlayStation VR Experience

    Put up those Christmas lights

    PlayStation UK has posted a teaser on its Twitter page for an upcoming PlayStation VR experience of Stranger Things. Details are scarce with just a short video showing the Christmas lights used in the first season of Stranger Things lighting up the letters P, S, V, R in order. Other than that the tweet reads: "Feel the...

  • Feature 8 Essential PS4 Roguelikes to Crawl Through this Hallowe'en

    Deadly dungeons

    With Hallowe'en fast approaching, we have compiled a list of our eight favourite PlayStation 4 roguelike dungeon crawlers for all you creeps out there to enjoy in these dark, dark times. So, in no particular order... The Binding of Isaac: The Binding of Isaac is a twin-stick shooting dungeon crawler perfect to play on...

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    Review JYDGE


    JYDGE is a top-down, twin-stick shooter not too dissimilar to Hotline Miami. You take on the role of what can only be described as a knockoff Judge Dredd, who is tasked with dishing out justice with his gavel gun. The entire game is level based: each one set in a different location where the criminals have gathered hostages or stock piles...

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    Review The Solus Project

    Ever so lonely

    The Solus Project is a single-player survival exploration experience developed entirely in Unreal Engine 4. Earth has been destroyed and humans are now on the brink of extinction. You have been sent on a mission to find another planet that is inhabitable, but after years of exploration with no luck, you find yourself stranded and...

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    Review Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 3: Jailhouse Block

    A happy little review

    Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 3: Jailhouse Block starts off with a much more intriguing plot than the first two episodes in the season. Jesse and his companions are locked in a bedrock prison at the bottom of the world which is controlled by the Admin’s loyal followers. They must find a way to escape it and...

  • News Overwatch's Junkertown Map Arrives in Latest Update

    Also includes major hero overhauls

    The latest update for Overwatch is out on the PlayStation 4 and it includes a new escort map called Junkertown. This new map is associated with the Junkers, Junkrat and Roadhog, who recently both received an animated short and a comic detailing parts of their history at Junkertown.  The update also brings...

  • News The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Is Now Available on PS4

    Sneaky release

    The long awaited Afterbirth+ DLC for The Binding of Isaac has finally released on the PlayStation 4 with not a word mentioned anywhere about it. The DLC includes 55 plus new items, three booster packs of fan-made items, a new playable character, a harder Greed mode, five new challenges, new bosses, hundreds of new rooms, a whole load...

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    Review Sparc


    Sparc is a virtual reality version of Pong with Tron-like visuals. In a way, it's very similar to PlayStation VR Worlds' Danger Ball. You face off against an opponent, each standing at opposite ends of a long empty corridor, and you must throw a ball at your opponent in order to score points. That's the basic...

  • News Super Meat Boy Forever Confirmed for PS4 in 2018

    Mighty Meaty

    Team Meat has announced on its Twitter page that the next Meat Boy title, Super Meat Boy Forever, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 next year. It also released the first trailer for the game which has a very comical, cartoon style to it and shows off some gameplay footage. Going by the short trailer this certainly looks to be...

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    Review Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 2: Giant Consequences

    Lacking in consequence

    So far Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two hasn’t had the best of starts with Episode 1: Hero in Residencestruggling to remedy the issues experienced in the first season with a slow paced story and clunky gameplay mechanics being the most prominent problems. Unfortunately Episode 2: Giant Consequences, although...

  • News Doomfist Is Now Playable in Overwatch PS4

    Fists of fury

    The long rumoured hero that was officially announced to be the 25th character to hit Overwatch earlier this month has finally launched on the PlayStation 4. You are now able to download a small patch that will add Doomfist into the game; he will not be available in Competitive play for another week to allow users time to get a...

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    Review Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 1: Hero in Residence


    It’s a fresh season for Minecraft: Story Mode and what better way to kick it off than with the same old mechanics and tiresome gameplay that everyone complained about in the first season. We don’t want to write the game off in the first episode but it certainly doesn’t provide a promising introduction to the season. The game begins...

  • News Super Meat Boy Dev Will Bring New Platformer The End Is Nigh to PS4

    The beginning of the end

    Edmund McMillen, otherwise known as the developer of indie hits such as The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, has announced on his Twitter account that his latest game, The End is Nigh, will be coming to the PS4 "eventually". For those out of the loop, it's a 2D platformer of extreme difficulty that has a lot of...

  • News Doomfist Announced as the 25th Overwatch Hero

    Playable on PC

    Doomfist has been a long rumoured Overwatch hero for months now and was teased on Twitter earlier this week but he has finally been officially revealed with a new origins story and developer commentary video on the Overwatch YouTube channel. He has also been made playable for those players on the Player Test Realm on the PC which...

  • News Doomfist Teased as New Overwatch Hero Yet Again

    Crews'in for a bruising

    It's been rumoured and heavily hinted at for months now that Doomfist will be a hero in Overwatch and that he'll be voiced by none other than Terry Crews. As if to add fuel to the fire, the developer has taken to Twitter today to tease everyone with more information on Doomfist's background.  In the past, the Overwatch...

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    Review Ancient Amuletor

    Coming soon

    Ancient Amuletor is a tower defence, virtual reality title in which you are tasked with protecting a bunch of crystals from an onslaught of enemies. You play from the perspective of a hero, with the ability to teleport from pillar to pillar, overlooking the various crystals that require defending. The game is level-based with each stage...

  • News The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Targeting PS4 with Retail Launch

    Extra goodies for pre-orders

    Nicalis has taken to Twitter to announce that The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ is coming to the PS4. This is a huge expansion to the original Afterbirth DLC and includes a ton of new additions, a harder greed mode, a new character, new bosses, new items, and more. Nicalis also confirmed that the PS4 version will get a...

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    Review Human: Fall Flat


    Human: Fall Flat is a physics puzzle platformer that gained a lot of popularity through YouTube last year. Its excellently wacky character movement, similar to that of Gang Beasts, can create some hilariously funny moments which make it a brilliantly entertaining experience. You play as Bob, who’s just your average guy: he must solve...