PS4 Pro PlayStation 4 Price Drop 1

Sony is dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro in Japan starting 12th October, with the supercharged system’s MSRP dipping from ¥‎44,980 (~$395) to ¥39,980 (~$350). The console is nearing its second birthday so it makes sense for the manufacturer to lower the price, although it’s said that it has no comment on the West just yet. To be fair, the PS4 Pro has been in pretty short supply in regions like the United States, so we doubt it’ll be making any adjustments until it can get a regular stream of units onto store shelves.

The price drop means that the recently announced Kingdom Hearts III bundle will drop to ¥48,780 (~$428); the company will also be making the Glacier White model a widely available option, as opposed to a limited edition. Furthermore, those who purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 alongside a PS4 Pro starting 12th October through 21st October will only have to pay ¥42,280 (~$371) for the pair, saving them ¥5,000 (~$44).

In other news, Sony’s launching a new PlayStation VR bundle in Japan featuring a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds from 12th October for ¥34,980 (~$307), as well as a Red Dead Redemption 2 package on 26th October like the rest of the world. We’d be surprised to see this price drop mirrored in the West, but with the important holiday season rapidly approaching, stranger things have happened; it all depends on whether the Japanese giant wants to maximise profits or massively increase its install base, we suppose.