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PS4's Free-to-Play Policies Could See Fortnite Building a Base on Console Yet

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fortifying a future

Sony is not afraid to support free-to-play games, as evidenced by the roster of complimentary content currently available on the PlayStation 4’s storefront. And that change means that Epic Games is now pondering whether to bring its building affair Fortnite to the format in the future – even if it remains a PC exclusive for now.

“Things have changed from the console space and have adapted to the new market, which is cool,” the game’s lead designer Darren Saag told “So, because of those adaptations, the future for where Fortnite ends up is not set in stone. I think that there are lots of possibilities about how you can interact with Fortnite on different platforms.”

For those out of the loop – because, let’s be honest, this game seems to have been on the backburner for an eternity – the title is essentially a co-operative survival game, where you must construct fortifications by day in order to stay safe at night. It’s a bit like Minecraft, then – only instead of voxels, it’s using the full clout of Unreal Engine 4.

The title’s due out next year on the PC, with the likelihood of a PS4 port presumably dependent on its success on that system. It’s always nice to see the roster of free-to-play options expand on Sony’s super machine, so we’d happily give this a shot should it ever build a path onto the latest PlayStation platform. How about you?


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Gamer83 said:

Not a huge fan of Free-to-Play games, but there are some I enjoy. Warframe has been pretty good and I really enjoyed that Tekken game on PS3. This is another one that seems intriguing if nothing else, hopefully Epic brings it to PS4, X1 and if possible, Wii U.




Really liked War Thunder as a F2P. Even ended up paying for a premium account I enjoyed it so much. I wouldn't renew it though. Lost too many days due to PSN maintenance.



adf86 said:

Does anyone think Hearthstone should come to playstation?



WARDIE said:

@voodoo341 I don't see how the PSN maintenance is effecting you that much. I share my PS4 and its on pretty much 24/7 and the maintenance rarely effects my game play. Yeah it has happened a couple of times but in most cases I was still able to play online although I couldn't get on the PSN store. Maybe your play schedule needs adjusting though I don't see why.




@WARDIE It happened three times during my premium membership and I couldn't access the game. Premium membership wasn't cheap and the least Sony could do is add the downtime onto your membership.

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