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The Pinball Arcade Will Employ Cross-Discount on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Price of previously purchased tables slashed

If you’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with The Pinball Arcade over the past few months – this particularly author is writing from experience – then you may be wondering what will happen to all of your previous purchases come the release of the PlayStation 4 version later in the year. Currently, buying a table pack nets you the arena on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, but will that goodwill continue with Sony’s next generation platform, too?

Well, not quite. Writing on its official Facebook page, developer Farsight Studios has announced that the impending port will take advantage of a new cross-discount initiative. “Sony has announced a cross-discount feature for the PS4,” the developer explained. “This will allow us to offer customers who have previously purchased The Pinball Arcade content on other Sony platforms a discount when they buy that content on the PS4.”

It’s unclear how much that discount will be, but it sounds like a generous practice for the outfit to adopt. After all, it’s not merely copying and pasting the tables to the new platform, but actually putting in an enormous amount of work. “Our new PS4 lighting technology allows us to model individual lights for each of the 100 plus lamps on the typical pinball table, complete with attenuation, blooms, and reflections,” the company continued.

And you can see the results of that attention to detail in the trailer embedded below. Forget about inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Knackthis is the PS4’s real killer app.


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7Vita said:

I love pinball, but it's a damn shame Farsight own the rights to make the digital versions. They stretched themselves too thin, they are poor at fixing the many bugs their tables have, they keep hitting up kickstarter to get licences for tables when they surely must be making enough money by now to cover it. The PS3 version still has flipper lag (something Zen does not have). Lack of communication to fans...

I could go on, but they are probably the first game developers that have let me down so much I simply won't buy anything of theirs until they sort it out. Pumping out as many tables as you can without addressing some glaring issues with the past releases does not inspire faith in their commitment to their fans.

Kinda a crap feeling to know that my past dream of having real pinball tables to play digitally was so nearly real and let down by a dev that tries to do too much at once. I defended them much in the early days, assuming they'd address past issue. They are, but very slowly, slower than they are pumping out new tables to everything with a microchip on the planet.



Dathon said:

@7Vita Pinball Arcade is no where near as good as Pinball FX 2 on X360, or Zen Pinball. These guys need to take a look at the mechanics of their competitors pinball tables and learn something.



get2sammyb said:

@Dathon I do agree that Zen Pinball is a much better "game". I prefer the tables on The Pinball Arcade, though. The whole experience could use polishing up, though.

I've definitely noticed the lag on the flippers, too.



7Vita said:

@Dathon If I could merge the UI, mechanics and presentation of Zen with the real tables of TPA I'd be a happy man.



CliffordB said:

I also play both Pinball Arcade & Zen Pinball 2, I totally agree that Farsight should work a bit harder on fixing/improving issue's with the game, I personally think Pinball Arcade is better than Zen Pinball purely because with Pinball Arcade you get real life tables, there's something special about playing real life tables.

If Farsight ever do the decent thing and tweak all the tables then it would blow Zen Pinball away IMO.

I see Farsight have another Kickstarter going at the moment for an awesome looking T2 table, look here:



7Vita said:

@CliffordB Which is just ridiculous imo. I kinda understood the first one they did to test the waters with licensed tables and see how much of a return they got (even if I didn't agree with it), but by now they should have their business model together and not need to use Kickstarter as some kind of pre order store. They are taking the piss now.

Farsight care little about the people that keep them in business, they have made that very clear in their actions the last couple of years. I know it's a first world problem to moan about such things and I normally don't, but this is such a crying shame to see these licences be handled by a company like this.



CliffordB said:

@7Vita To be fair I don't really have an opinion either way on this Kickstarter thing that they do, although I do appreciate what your saying here.

All I know is the T2 table looks the part and I'd love to see it added to the Pinball Arcade on PS3 so I hope the Kickstarter thing is a success for that reason alone.

Looking at how long is to go I think it may struggle to reach the huge goal anyway.

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