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F1 Race Stars Aims to Make Formula One Fun

Posted by Sammy Barker

Over the top

If you don’t know your KERS from your DRS, then Codemasters has announced a brand new racer that just might just tickle your fancy. The brilliantly cartoony F1 Race Stars promises to transform all of your favourite drivers into adorable bobble-heads and pit them against each other on tracks that would be deemed too exciting for the real Formula One.

The PS3 racer will feature plenty of jumps, loop-the-loops and power-ups. Think Mario Kart but with the added “bonus” of Jenson Button’s irritating face. Oh, and faster cars.

Snark aside, this actually looks surprisingly good. The full game will feature a full single-player campaign, time-trials, four-player split-screen and online multiplayer. Check out the trailer below.

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