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F1 Race Stars (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Get ready to experience FORMULA ONE cars, teams and circuits like never before with F1 Race Stars from Codemasters Racing, the home of the series of HD official FORMULA ONE games.

F1 RACE STARS is a fast-to-the-fun arcade racing game featuring the official FORMULA ONE cars, teams and circuits as they've never been seen before. Drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have been transformed into personality-packed heroes bursting with charm and character and stunning FORMULA ONE locations have become exhilarating racing theme parks designed for speed and wheel-to-wheel competition.

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Posted by Robert Ramsey

Worth the pit stop?

F1 Race Stars is a game that makes clever use of its license. It takes all of the sport's real-world teams and drivers, and slaps them into a colourful karting game. But while the title initially appears tailor made for children, it quickly transpires...

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News: F1 Race Stars Aims to Make Formula One Fun

F1 Race Stars Aims to Make Formula One Fun

Over the top

If you don’t know your KERS from your DRS, then Codemasters has announced a brand new racer that just might just tickle your fancy. The brilliantly cartoony F1 Race Stars promises to transform all of your favourite drivers into adorable bobble-heads and pit them against each other on tracks that would be deemed too exciting for the...

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