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Dragon's Crown (PS Vita / PlayStation Vita)

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A spiritual successor to the Sega Saturn title Princess Crown, Dragon's Crown is an online-enabled 2D co-op action RPG from Vanillaware, the makers of Muramasa and Odin Sphere.

The vast labyrinth lays spread out underground, the ruins situated below this city nothing more than its entrance.

Magic weilders, thier hearts blighted by the dark, have used their spells to connect all the land's ruins and monster lairs ointo one. They search, tirelessly, for the legendary treasure they know is to be found. It lies, patiently, somewhere within the corridors.

If it should fall into their hands, the entire land will be doused in blood before another day breaks.

You know it as well as I — the Dragon's Crown cannot, must not, come to them.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Worthy of the crown

It wasn't long ago now that Vanillaware released Muramasa Rebirth for the PlayStation Vita, and showed us exactly what it's capable of doing with an OLED screen. In an apparent effort to prove that it isn't done yet, the developer’s second game has...

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Japan Loots a Dragon's Crown Cross-Play Patch [Updated]

The more the merrier

Atlus has confirmed that the patch is indeed heading to North America, and will be "arriving very soon". The publisher also states that more details are on the way. Despite the fact that you can transfer your save file between the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of Vanillaware's RPG beat 'em up Dragon's Crown, the ability...

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Strider_Hiryu said:

The art style is so peculiar... Not everyone will love Kamitani's taste for caricature and exaggerated proportions, which is taken to a whole new level in Dragon's Crown. Anyway, the game oozes personality from every pore, and the same cannot be said for a large amount of more popular and ordinary looking products. If this would launch in the West alongside the Vita, it would be without a doubt my first purchase.

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