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Sat 12th Sep 2009

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PatrickElliot commented on Shuhei Yoshida Thought Demon's Souls Was Rubbish:

I love this game, it blew me away, probably my favorite this generation, but I can kind of understand the difficulty of seeing its appeal from a business perspective. Putting in two hours only scrapes the surface, and the game is so old school that it might be hard to see past the steep learning curve. Thanks be to Atlus.



PatrickElliot commented on Talking Point: Does PlayStation Vita Have Nint...:

I think Nintendo cutting the price before Vita's launch was super smart. By placing the Wi-Fi Vita at the same price point as the 3DS, Sony really gave Nintendo a reason to worry. Everyone heard the high-priced rumors and such, but I was pretty astounding when the real price came out. In the end, competition like this is awesome, and is a win-win for anyone considering buying either device...or both



PatrickElliot commented on Shinobido Awakens on PS Vita:

I know what you mean! I rented that bad boy back in the day, and stayed up all night with my buddy to finish the game. Zipping to a roof in the nick of time, losing your assailants, following their patrols and then dropping in for the kill. So bad.



PatrickElliot commented on Talking Point: The Impact of the PlayStation N...:

I did feel a bit miffed to only hear about the "real deal" concerning the shutdown so long after the intrusion, but I assume it took a while to figure out what the hell happened. It's probably pretty darn hard to reverse engineer an attack like this, and I'm sure they didn't want to send over 70 million users into a panic if they didn't have to. Sadly though, that turned out to be the case.

A lot of this info can be found by using the white pages anyway. Hell before the internet I just looked people up in the phone book. And I bet a lot of the same people complaining about Sony letting others view their adress and name are the same idiots that tweet their phone numbers or post their life to facebook.

Still, having my passwords and possibly my credit info floating around the interweb just makes me feel a bit creeped...I canceled the card linked to my account with the quickness.



PatrickElliot commented on Review: Killzone 3 (PlayStation 3):

I decided to buy this game right when the PSN went down, but luckily the single player campaign is great. Polished off hard mode and going for veteran. Can't wait to get some MP in when the Network is back up!



PatrickElliot commented on Talking Point: Can Move Conquer Kinect in the ...:

I could see Kinect doing some major things in the casual market, though I just heard their major casual release, Project Milo, might be canceled. I worry mostly about how well Kinect will differentiate between movements. In the demo for "Fighters Uncaged" guys were doing knee kicks and uppercuts, and it seemed kind of jumbled. Also, many of the demos for Kinect Adventures make the thing seem like its still in its beta phase, as sometimes it doesn't register anything. Kinect definitely offers something more than the Wii 2.0 experience given by Move, but that Wii 2.0 experience works...



PatrickElliot commented on Review: Sports Champions (PlayStation 3):

Well reviewed Corbie! This gives a great run-down of each game. I really loved Disc Golf, and actually play the real thing quite a bit with my friends (we call it Frolf). SC captures all the strategic angling and frustrating over-shots common in the real game, and the 1-1 Move controls are great for setting up shots. I also found the Gladiator Duels to be more fun if you face off against a friend. The CPU can be a bit easy. If only it had online matches!