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  • Weirdness Zombi Rises Again for Retail on PS4

    Boxed version to emerge on 21st January

    Talk about beating the undead horse – Ubisoft has decided to announce a boxed retail version of Zombi, a game that it's pretty much bled dry over the course of three years. First starting out as a Wii U game, Zombi then was ported to PS4 earlier this year, and was well received by reviewer Greg Giddens, who...

  • Review Zombi (PS4)

    There's no U in Zombi

    ZombiU was an innovative and genuinely scary survival horror title which hit the Wii U at launch – one that made excellent use of Nintendo's second screen GamePad to enhance the terror to all new levels. Now, three years later, the title has been ported to the PlayStation 4, complete with a control overhaul to shift...

  • News Wii U Exclusive Zombi Officially Reanimated on PS4

    Back from the dead in August

    The rumours were right: forgotten Wii U exclusive ZombiU will rise from its grave on the PlayStation 4 next month. The game will launch on 18th August in Europe and North America as Zombi, where it promises to frighten an entire new generation of players via the PlayStation Store. Ubisoft's promising that the...

  • News Wii U Exclusive ZombiU Looks Likely to Rot PS4


    Just when you thought that the industry's obsession with the undead was over, Ubisoft has seemingly decided to re-release one-time Wii U exclusive ZombiU on the PlayStation 4. The port was touted earlier in the year, and the rumour was reinforced due to an Australian ratings board. However, a classification on a Taiwanese website has all but...

  • News ZombiU Takes Another Shuffle Closer to PS4

    Undead and unburied

    Wii U exclusive ZombiU was rumoured to be in production for the PlayStation 4 prior to E3 2015, but Ubisoft's press conference failed to kick out confirmation. Now, however, a listing for a title named Zombi has infected the Austr