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  • Review Flipping Death (PS4)

    One foot in the grave

    2013’s Stick It to the Man was among the PlayStation 3’s indie swansongs when it released four days after the North American launch of the PS4, but that didn’t manage to overshadow what we thought was a short but quality experience at the time. After busying itself with various other projects, developer Zoink! Games is...

  • E3 2018 Zoink Announces Whimsical PSVR Game Ghost Giant

    Spirited away

    The creators of “Chernobyl cheese string” Stick It to the Man have taken to Sony’s latest pre-E3 2018 stream to announce Ghost Giant, a kind of papercraft PlayStation VR adventure where you exist inside a small character named Louis’ world, and you must interact with him in order to help him on his journey. The

  • Review Fe (PS4)

    Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals

    Fe is the latest project from the Swedish studio Zoink! Games, and is a wide departure from its previous work. Swapping out quirky, comical adventure games like Stick it to the Man for something more straight faced, the developer's experiment is a decent effort, but unfortunately falls short of greatness...

  • E3 2016 Zoink! Games' 3D Platformer Fe Looks Fetching and Fanciful

    Fe-fa 2017

    In what is becoming an annual tradition, EA wheeled out a nervous indie developer to show off a charming platformer at its E3 press conference today. Fe by Zoink! Games sees you playing as an adorable woodland creature who must collect the songs of the forest. Or something like that, anyway. It must also be said tha

  • Competition Loki Here! Win Big with Zombie Vikings: Ragnarök Edition on PS4

    Exclusive signed art! Tees! PS4 Blu-rays!

    To celebrate the reanimation of smash side-scrolling brawler Zombie Vikings: Ragnarök Edition at retail, we've teamed up with our fine friends at Rising Star and Zoink Games to give away ten Blu-ray copies of this complete PlayStation 4 re-packaging. The set includes the original game in additional to some...

  • Review Zombie Vikings (PS4)

    Norse so bad

    Zombie Vikings trades heavily on its character, and what's here shows a lot of heart and creativity – but it's mired by repetition, which means that while this brawler is charming enough to capture your attention, it's unlikely to hold onto it for long. A big part of its appeal is its aesthetic. Much like developer Zoink Games'...

  • First Impressions Bashing Our Brainnns Against PS4's Zombie Vikings

    Thor you should know a little more about this title

    Arriving digitally next week is hack-'n'-slash adventure Zombie Vikings – unsurprisingly a game about undead vikings slicing their way through numerous enemies in a side-scrolling quest. We were lucky enough to play a short preview build prior to release to see how this comical adventure is...

  • News Get Inside the Brainnns of the Minds Behind Zombie Vikings

    Norse code

    Every game needs a behind-the-scenes video trailer, and Zombie Vikings is absolutely no different. The forthcoming four-player brawler is a real hoot with friends – look out for some first impressions soon – but if you want to learn a little more about how the undead-'em-up came to be, check out the clip embedded below. In it,...

  • Interview Zoink Games on Resurrecting Zombie Vikings on PS4

    Norse to meet you

    There’s only one thing better than zombies: Zombie Vikings. That also happens to be the name of Stick It to the Man! developer Zoink Games’ latest PlayStation 4 project, which is due out next year on Sony’s next-gen machine. A four-player co-op affair with a “dead funny story”, we caught up with Klaus Lyngeled, the...