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  • News Sonic the Hedgehog Creator Yuji Naka Spin Dashes Square Enix

    Aw, yeah – this is happenin’

    Video game icon Yuji Naka – the former boss of Sonic Team and the lead programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games – has announced that he joined Square Enix in January. “I’m joining game development as before, and strive to develop games at Square Enix,” he said. “I aim to develop an enjoyable...

  • News Yuji Naka Working on Secret Move Game

    Gaming legend branches out

    Yuji Naka, the man commonly (though erroneously) credited with creating Sonic the Hedgehog, left the Sega nest some years ago to create his own company, Prope. Since then, he's worked on Wii party title Let's Tap and bird-rescuing Ivy the Kiwi? on DS and Wii, but he's also spreading his wings on other formats, including...