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  • News WWE 2K20 Just About Manages to Function in the Year 2020

    Update fixes things

    Update: The fun is over guys -- a patch has been issued to WWE 2K20 which addresses the problem that the game was quite literally unplayable for the first day of 2020. The 2K Support Twitter page has issued a statement that asks players to restart the game and download a patch which fixes the issue. We guess the 10 or so people...

  • News Another WWE 2K20 Patch Attempts to Fix 2019's Most Broken Game

    Addresses community concerns

    The WWE 2K20 saga is probably one of the funniest, but also buggiest, moments of 2019. Releasing in a truly terrible state, it became the butt of all jokes thanks to numerous glitches that spread like wildfire across social media. A couple of patches have tried to remedy the situation, but update 1.03 still a

  • Review WWE 2K20 - 2K Sports' Wrestling Sim Hits Rock Bottom

    Undisputed Error

    WWE has released a video game based on its flagship brand of sports entertainment every year for close to three decades now, so it may be surprising to some that this year’s entry has veered away from the franchise’s grappling roots in a variety of ways. For a start, all traditional forms of locomotion have been removed, as you...

  • News WWE 2K20 1.02 Patch Promises to Fix Some of the Game's Biggest Problems

    Hoping to fix the disastrous launch

    WWE 2K20's launch was a bit of a disaster, wasn't it? From a comedic point of view, it was incredible, but if you're one of the unlucky souls who actually purchased the game then you might have been left feeling at least a little bit let down. Worry no longer, however, because patch 1.02 is said to fix many of the...

  • News Sony Grants Refunds to Some WWE 2K20 Buyers on PS4

    Then, now, but not forever

    We think it's fair to say that WWE 2K20 has been a complete and utter disaster of a launch. After the game released in the worst state we've seen in quite some time, those unlucky few who purchased a copy set up the #FixWWE2K20 Twitter hashtag to draw attention to just how completely broken the title i

  • News WWE 2K20 Fans Put Together Hashtag to Prove Just How Utterly Broken the Game Is


    It's been a while since a game so completely broken as WWE 2K20 has come along. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is the last one we remember, but this latest wrestling effort must surely take first place. So much so that the game's community has put together a Twitter hashtag where people can put all their favourite glitches and bugs for the...

  • News WWE 2K20 Is an Astoundingly Buggy Mess on PS4

    There's better lookers on PS2

    Update (22nd October, 2019): We hate to keep piling onto WWE 2K20, but it's out now, and so there's more and more evidence that this game just isn't in a good place. Here's yet another example of this game's exceedingly buggy state: Update (21st October, 2019): It's WWE 2K20's launch week, and it's becoming...