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  • News Sony Patents Bizarre Move Controller Holder

    Reinventing the wheel

    Sony hasn't released quite as many plastic add-ons for the Move controller as some may have expected, but according to a patent found by PlayStation Lifestyle it could yet release a very versatile-looking plastic shell. The patent shows a plastic housing into which the Move controller would slot, but with handles and face...

  • News Journey is PSN's Fastest Selling Game Ever

    And rightly so

    PSN masterpiece Journey is the fastest-selling game ever to hit the service. thatgamecompany's co-founder Jenova Chen announced on the PlayStation Blog that the company's latest has outsold every other digital download, beating the previous record set by inFAMOUS: Festival of

  • News Movemodo is One Year Old Today!

    Break out the party hats

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's official: Movemodo is one year old today. We first welcomed you to Movemodo on 1st September 2010, and since then we've done everything in our power to make you the most well-informed PlayStation Move gamers around. In the past 12 months we've published nearly 700 news articles,...

  • News Sony's E3 2011 Event Lasts Five Hours

    One big party

    We're under two weeks away from Sony's E3 press conference now, and those expecting a short in-and-out affair might be surprised that the event is set to last five hours. The actual announcements will likely come in the initial 'media briefing', expected to last an hour and a half or so, with a mysterious 'special event' following on...

  • News Wow, PlayStation Move has Inspired a 32-bit Knock-Off

    Motion on the Move

    Remember when Wii came out and discount stores were flooded with cheap plastic imitations? History has a knack of repeating itself, and while we thought this horrible PlayStation Move imitator was bad enough, here's another one to impress you. Manufactured by the brilliantly named Ever Sparkle Technologies, the Motion on the Move...

  • News Move Can Be Used to Measure the Earth's Rotation

    Take that, Kinect!

    Move's not had quite as many cool non-gaming applications as Kinect, but this video does a lot to redress the balance. As you know, the PlayStation Move controller contains plenty of motion-sensing technology, including a magnetic field sensor and three gyroscopes, which make it accurate enough to detect something none of us...

  • News This Move Keychain Torch May Be Cooler Than the Real Thing

    It even lights up blue

    Ever wish you had a small, portable Move controller you could put on your keychain and use to illuminate darkened areas? Your wishes just got answered, as US site DealExtreme is offering tiny LED torches for just $3.10. At less than three inches long and weighing less than 10g it's a truly tiny version of the controller, and...

  • News Killzone 3's Mighty Helghast Edition is Coming to PAL Regions

    Clear some shelf space

    Remember the majestic Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 announced for North America in October? It's coming to PAL regions next year, Sony has confirmed. The good news is that the contents are identical to the North American version, but if you don't fancy having a replica Helghast helmet taking up valuable living space then the...

  • News This is What Move's and Kinect's Children Would Look Like

    If manufactured very, very cheaply

    When the Wii was released we saw countless cheap knock-offs flood the market – remember the Vii? – and now it looks like Move is about to receive its own sincerest form of flattery in the form of the "i-dong". (Really, we're not making these names up.) Displayed at a Chinese technology event, the...

  • News LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Edition is Gonzo Gonzo Gonzo

    Disney and Muppets characters headline

    Got over the sting of LittleBigPlanet 2's delay to early 2011? If not, the content in the game's sweet collector's edition ought to do the trick. Ignore the fancy steelbook packaging that looks like Sackboy's furry torso and the five exclusive PSN avatars you'll receive – the downloadable costumes on offer...

  • News Killzone 3 a Sure Bet for Most OTT Special Edition of 2011

    Three little words: giant Helghast helmet

    If the current Killzone 3 beta has you so excited about the upcoming shooter you're willing to spend anything to get the best Killzone experience possible, you're about to be very happy indeed. Sony has just announced the ultimate edition of Killzone 3, known as the Helghast Edition, which will retail with...

  • Competition Origami Move Controller is Killer

    Don't take it out in heavy rain, though

    You may not realise this, but the official European PlayStation Blog is just one arm of Sony Europe's communication empire: it also runs localised blogs for individual territories, with the German wing recently running a competition for one talented individual to win a Playstation Move Starter Pack and five...

  • News Move Has a Lot More Plastic Guns Than We Realised

    Almost every one, apparently

    We've done our best to keep you up to date with the rapidly-changing world of PlayStation Move accessories, from Lego-looking submachine guns to fairly hideous plastic pistols, but it turns out there's more plastic guns than we realised. A lot more. Site

  • News Sports Champions Grabs the Silver Medal in UK Charts

    Only outsold by Halo: Reach

    It probably wouldn't be unfair to say the European Move launch line-up wasn't exactly full to the brim with must-have new releases, but one title that obviously stood out from the crowd was Sports Champions, as it raced to the second slot in the UK All-Formats Charts. No other Move new release featured in the Top Ten,...

  • News Sony Coughs Up £750,000 to Advertise Move in First Week

    Part of a £2m marketing push

    The PlayStation Move marketing machine is gearing up for a full-on assault, with £750,000 set to be spent on pushing the controller in the UK within its first week on sale. Rather than hitting the traditional hardcore gamer hotspots, Sony is taking its campaign to supermarkets and shopping centres as well as booking...