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  • News Promising PS4 Exclusive WiLD Has Allegedly Been Canned

    Hardly WiLD news

    Let’s not beat around the bush: WiLD looked incredible. The ambitious open worlder helmed by Michel Ancel and his Wild Sheep Studio was announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive eons ago, but with the Rayman maker retiring from games and development seemingly stalling for an entire generation, word is that it no longer exists...

  • News WiLD Developer Is Busy Hiring New Talent

    Never give up

    Ah, WiLD. We still remember when the PS4 exclusive title was first announced at... Er... Gamescom 2014?! Yep, it really was that long ago. Over six years later and we still haven't seen more than a few minutes of gameplay, even after the project managed to make a brief return in 2017. Since then, we've only heard the

  • News WiLD Hopes Revived As Concept Art of Long Lost PS4 Exclusive Is Rediscovered

    Going ape for info

    Update: We're no closer to knowing what is happening with WiLD, as what was originally believed to be new concept art has actually been confirmed as old. The images below all first appeared on Facebook a couple of years ago, so unfortunately can't be used as evidence of the project's progress. We'll check in with Sony to see if it...

  • News Long Anticipated PS4 Exclusive WiLD Re-Emerges in New Art

    Where have you been, wild thing?

    What is going on with Sony at the moment? The company’s not going to be at E3 2019, but a new Death Stranding trailer is imminent while The Last of Us: Part II rumours remain rife. And now, fresh artwork of Michel Ancel’s long anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive WiLD has been uploaded to

  • News Sony Files Trademark for Long Lost PS4 Exclusive WiLD

    Returning from the wilderness?

    PlayStation 4 exclusive WiLD was originally announced all the way back in 2014. Since then, we've seen little of Michael Ancel's project, with it briefly resurfacing in 2015, and showing up again in 2017. When it was revealed that Ancel was working on

  • News PS4 Exclusive WiLD Hasn't Gone Feral Just Yet

    Developer recruiting

    WiLD was announced very early into the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle, but we’ve only really seen one gameplay demo in the years since. Rayman maker Michel Ancel – who’s also beavering away on Beyond Good & Evil 2 – works at his own pace, but has repeatedly pointed out that the project is still very much in production...

  • E3 2017 PS4 Exclusive WiLD Has Not Been Cancelled

    Michel Ancel confirms work is ongoing

    Michel Ancel revealed Beyond Good & Evil 2 this week, prompting some fans to worry about the future of his collaboration with Sony for the PlayStation 4 exclusive WiLD. The good news is that the project hasn’t been cancelled, and according to the Rayman maker it’s “getting better and better every...

  • News Promising PS4 Exclusive WiLD Wanders Out of the Wilderness

    Wild thing

    Do you remember Michel Ancel's mad PlayStation 4 exclusive WiLD? The game was announced eons ago, and its first ever gameplay demonstration was mesmerising: it involved snake ladies and tribesmen who could transform into freakin' birds. It was basically the best thing ever, but all of the Beyond Good & Evil rumours have made us worry...

  • Paris Games Week 2015 PS4's WiLD Has Changed, But Still Shows Huge Promise

    It's only natural

    Remember WiLD? You lot voted it your Game of the Show way back in 2014 following Sony's Gamescom press conference, but it's been missing in action ever since. Thankfully, the interesting looking title made a return during Sony's Paris Games Week presser with a full gameplay demo - and it still shows some real promise. That said,...

  • Feature Push Square's Gamescom 2014 Game of the Show - WiLD

    Wild thing

    Love it or loathe it, the industry is changing. There are fewer big-budget, boxed releases than ever before, which is a symptom of the high risk medium in which we currently reside. However, while the shelves at your local GameStop may be starting to thin, there is a wealth of creativity blossoming on online shopping plazas like the...

  • Gamescom 2014 PS4 Exclusive WiLD Looks Wacky, Wonderful, and, Erm, Wild

    Nature calls

    It was recently revealed that Rayman creator Michel Ancel had opened brand new studio Wild Sheep, and at Sony's Gamescom conference today, we were finally shown what the fledgling team has been up to. Titled WiLD, the developer's first effort is a broad and ambitious PlayStation 4 exclusive that sees you controlling everything from a...