Tag: Weird

  • News Johann Sebastian Joust Has No Graphics, Just Jousting


    In the race for every Move game to have the most realistic graphics and motion control, one game is going to prove hard to beat. Called Johann Sebastian Joust, it's a game that takes Move away from the TV to pit you against other real players. The official description probably makes more sense: The goal is to keep your accelerometer...

  • News Korean Move Cosplay is the Way to the Country's Heart

    Costumes out in the wild

    We've seen plenty of Move costumes already – check out Norway's Move Men and Paris's fashion take for just two examples – and now it's the turn of Korean streets, with predictably odd results. Whilst the suits seemed to go down well with most punters, one plucky young chap took a swing at the controller, clearly confused...

  • News Now This is How You Sell Move in Paris

    With spandex and coloured dots, of course

    We've seen Move lend itself to some crazy costumes already, particularly the Move Men featured in this Norwegian advert for the controller, but this neat ensemble seen at Paris Games Week might take the cake. Sony's motion controller had a big presence at the show, with practically every Sony-published Move...