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  • News Warborn Is Mecha Ready for Its June 2020 Release on PS4

    Turn-based anime

    If you love anime and tactical, turn-based titles such as XCOM 2, the latest experience from developer Raredrop Games might be for you. Warborn is its name, announced for PlayStation 4 last October, and it'll be arriving on Sony's current-gen console later this year on 12th June 2020. The game's director Josh Regan takes a deep...

  • News Warborn Is Strategical Anime That Looks Pretty Darn Cool

    Coming Spring 2020

    We're not all weebs over here at Push Square Towers, so this latest PlayStation 4 title has caught a few of us off guard. Warborn is a turn-based strategy game that uses an anime art style, and it looks incredibly cool. Check out its announcement trailer above to see for yourself. Suiting up in the Variable Armour, a...