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  • Soapbox Can You Truly Appreciate a Game with Walkthroughs?


    I remember getting quite far in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time before turning to a guide. It was probably the Water Temple that did it; that topsy-turvy dungeon with rising-and-falling fluid levels was a nightmare – so much so I’m pretty sure it was altered in the Nintendo 3DS re-release. Patches weren’t a thing when I was...

  • News Unit 13 Ships Out March 6th

    Video walkthrough inside

    Unit 13, Zipper Interactive's Vita-exclusive shooter, was previously listed as a PS Vita launch game for Europe, but now it seems it will fall within the system's "launch window" instead. Sony pegged the game for a March 6th deployment in both Europe and the United States at CES. The game comes from the team behind...