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  • Review Real Boxing (PlayStation Vita)

    Undisputed champion

    Having performed extremely well as an app on both iOS and Android devices, it was only a matter of time before Unreal Engine 3-based punch-‘em-up Real Boxing made its way to Sony’s handheld. The good news is that it makes the perilous jump almost seamlessly. Upon starting the game, you’ll be asked to customise your boxer,...

  • News Real Boxing Steps into the PS Vita Arena on 27th August

    Let the bodies hit the floor

    Bloodied noses and bruised cheekbones will occupy your PlayStation Vita’s delicious OLED screen from 27th August in North America, as Vivid Games has confirmed that Real Boxing is mere weeks away from release. European fighters will have to wait an extra day to step into the ring, as the simulation is set to hold back...

  • News Real Boxing Steps into the Ring on PlayStation Vita This August

    Surprise jab

    Smartphone smash Real Boxing is set to hook onto the PlayStation Vita this August, developer Vivid Games has announced. The Unreal Engine-powered knockout simulator stung iOS late last year, before picking a fight with Android earlier this month. Now it’s set to spar with Sony’s premium portable, where it will take advantage of the...