Tag: Vertex Pop

  • Review Graceful Explosion Machine (PS4)

    Swiss army spaceship

    There are plenty of arcade shooters on Sony consoles; Housemarque's Super Stardust HD and Resogun pretty much set a gold standard on PlayStation. Other than shifting perspectives and prettier graphics, there aren't that many twists left in the genre. Vertex Pop’s Graceful Explosion Machine distinguishes itself from the rest of...

  • Review We Are Doomed (PlayStation 4)

    Kaleidoscope of colour

    If you were to take Geometry Wars and TxK and produce a hybrid of them, you would most certainly end up with We Are Doomed. This twin-stick arcade shooter is another classic example of the 'easy to learn, hard to master' gameplay philosophy, and it's accompanied by explosive graphics, techno music, and a swarm of simplified...