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  • News Sony's Unties Label Is Publishing More Switch Games Than PS4 Ones

    Signs several new titles

    Sony Music Entertainment may wholly own indie publishing label Unties, but the fact that it’s publishing more Nintendo Switch than PlayStation 4 titles these days doesn’t make for great optics. The subsidiary – which is totally independent of Sony Interactive Entertainment – has signed a bunch of new games, and is...

  • Review Tiny Metal (PS4)

    Text-heavy metal

    Tiny Metal is a military themed, turn-based, strategy game similar to Advance Wars. The game is broken up into levels, each one taking roughly 30 minutes, requiring you to clear the map of your foe’s military or conquer their headquarters to win. At the beginning of each level you’ll start with one or two units, foot soldiers...

  • News Sony to Publish Games on Nintendo Switch Under New Label

    Testing the waters

    Sony has always had the capacity to throw a curveball, but under the stewardship of current CEO Kaz Hirai it’s become a lot less unpredictable. Nevertheless, the announcement that Sony Music is to form a new publishing label named Unties definitely comes as a bit of surprise – especially seeing as it will be porting content to...