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  • News Tron Is the Latest Collaboration with Fall Guys, Several Costumes Arrive Next Week

    What a legacy

    Fall Guys is keeping the crossovers coming, and they're getting a little crazy. After several collaborations with game IPs of all shapes and sizes, the popular battle royale platformer has played host to movie icons like Godzilla. That's set to continue, with the next set of licensed costumes coming from the restro-futuristic world of...

  • Rumour Tron: Escape Parks Its Lightcycle on PS4

    Trip the light fantastic

    Someone get Daft Punk on the line: there's a new Tron game in production for the PlayStation 4. Well, that appears to be the case anyway, as a listing for a release named Tron: Escape has been spotted on a Brazilian ratings board. It's coming to the PlayStation 4 apparently – even though it's the first that we've heard...

  • First Impressions Tron Evolution

    Greetings, programs!

    Twenty-eight years is a long time to wait for a sequel, but the follow-up film to the iconic Tron is almost upon us. One month before Tron Legacy arrives on our screens will come Tron Evolution, a game filling in some of the middle ground between both films, and Movemodo was fortunate enough to be invited to a preview event for...