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    Review Trials Fusion

    Motorcycle menagerie

    Republished on Wednesday 30th May 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of June's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. There aren’t nearly enough motorcycle games that let you play a round of tennis with a penguin, of that we can all agree. Alas, until some clever...

  • E3 2015 Play as a Cat Riding a Fire-Breathing Unicorn in Trials Fusion: Awesome Level MAX 

    On your bike

    Unsurprisingly, Ubisoft's E3 press conference today saw the company desperately attempting to create the next big meme. Arguably its best effort was Trials Fusion: Awesome Level MAX, a seemingly standalone expansion for the popular motorbike sim which will launch on 14th July. There are very few concrete details about the game, but we...

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    Review Trials Fusion: Empire of the Sky

    Looking up

    If there was one thing wrong with Trials Fusion, it was that there wasn’t enough chances to fall tens of thousands of feet to your death. The fans have spoken: sometimes smashing your 120MPH bike into a brick wall just doesn’t feel dangerous enough. Don’t worry, though, as Ubisoft has heard your cries for a little more distance from...

  • Weirdness 16-Year-Old Makes Minecraft in Trials Fusion

    Welcome to the future

    We love level editors because they often serve up insanity such as LittleBigPlanet’s infamous calculator, but this is potentially even more amazing than that. A 16-year-old Trials Fusion player has built, well, a functional version of Minecraft within the motorcycle simulator. Just let that sink in for a few seconds...

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    Review Trials Fusion: Riders of the Rustlands

    Feeling rusty

    Trials Fusion was one of the must-have games on the PlayStation 4 when it came out, and its first batch of downloadable content should be something of an event for the million or so people who invested in it. However, what could have been an exciting new set of levels ends up being underwhelming, spinning its wheels over a set of ideas...

  • News Dust Off Your Rust in New Trials Fusion DLC for PlayStation 4

    On your bike

    You may have forgotten how to feather the throttle in PlayStation 4 motorbike simulation Trials Fusion, but the release’s inaugural expansion pack is on hand to get you back up to speed. Dubbed the ‘Riders of the Rustlands’, this rustic add-on will whip you away from the idyllic city scenes of the core campaign, and take you...

  • News Trials Fusion Runs at a Higher Resolution on PS4 Than Xbox One

    Polished to perfection

    RedLynx’s motorcycle franchise may have made its name on Microsoft platforms, but the latest entry in the property will have a slight visual edge on the PlayStation 4. Despite being the first title in the series to appear on a Sony system, the Finnish studio has confirmed that Trials Fusion will run at 1080p on the Japanese...

  • News Yes, RedLynx's Trials Fusion Drops onto PS4 on 16th April

    Eat the dirt

    The Trials series has been forced to drive down a long and arduous road before making its debut on a PlayStation platform, but it’s now mere months away. Ubisoft has confirmed that RedLynx’s next-gen physics-based motorbike-‘em-up Trials Fusion is set to air its exhaust fumes on PlayStation 4 from 16th April – and it’s...