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  • Review Toren (PlayStation 4)

    You're Toren us apart

    Toren marks the first release by Brazilian developer Swordtales, and is the latest of the smaller indie titles to grace the PlayStation 4. Sony's console seems like a great fit for the foray, too, as it takes a huge helping of inspiration from a PlayStation 2 classic, ICO. Of course, while drawing influence from such an iconic...

  • News Toren Comes of Age on PS4 from 12th May

    Inspired by ICO

    There's a nice backstory to Toren, the debut PlayStation 4 project from Brazilian indie Swordtales. The game stars a young girl named Moonchild, who grows over the course of the adventure into a strong and powerful woman. And writing on the PlayStation Blog, the humble developer likened this to its own journey as a game development...