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  • News Pathologic 2 Is a Late Contender for the Weirdest Game on PS4

    Masterpiece or perverse?

    Every so often, a video game will come along that truly pushes the boundaries of what it means to be considered out of the norm. We've had a couple of those on PlayStation 4, and Pathologic 2 appears to be a late entry in that category -- arriving next week on Friday 6th March. The PlayStation Blog describes it as "a...

  • Review Hello Neighbor (PS4)

    Hello and goodbye

    Have you ever wondered what’s happening behind the closed doors and drawn curtains of your neighbour’s house? Ever wished you could sneak into their abode and reveal the inner workings of their secret lives? In Hello Neighbor, you do just that. The premise of this stealth horror game is a simple one. A young boy, innocently...

  • News Hello Neighbor Sneaks Onto PS4 This Summer

    Through the keyhole

    Hello Neighbor, a mysterious stealth horror game, is moving to PS4 this summer, according to a new post on the PlayStation Blog. If you're unfamiliar with Hello Neighbor, it's been gaining a lot of popularity on PC, where it recently released fully after a long stint in early access. The aim of the game is to sneak inside your...