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  • Review Spiritfarer - Feel-Good Management Sim Is a Relaxing Cruise

    Good grief

    Games are so often filled with death, and it's reached a point where we don't even really think about it. Not only do we kill countless baddies, we also die multiple times in the process -- sometimes, it's even part of the marketing. Prepare to die. Of course, not every game is like this, and Spiritfarer goes one better than just being a...

  • Review Sundered (PS4)

    Torn asunder

    Sundered, the most recent release from Thunder Lotus Games – makers of Jotun – is another in a long line of successful Kickstarter ventures. While there have been some crowd-funded stinkers, others have been rousing successes, like the incredible Hyper Light Drifter. Sundered lands somewhere in the middle of those two as it does...

  • Review Jotun: Valhalla Edition (PS4)

    By Odin's beard

    Have you ever realised how much Norse mythology penetrates popular culture? There are numerous spins on its gods in Marvel's movies, inspired elements taken from its races and characters in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels, and countless references spread across video games from Master Chief's Mjolnir armor to equipment and...