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    Review The Swapper

    The clone wars

    The world of human cloning is a scientific nightmare, and in The Swapper you'll tackle that minefield head on. Curve Studios' latest indie conversion attempts to use a clever puzzle mechanic to examine and answer complex metaphysical questions. But does this charming indie solve the problem, or is it just a load of philosophical...

  • News The Swapper Will Be Invading All of Your Sony Consoles This Summer

    Clones 'R' Us

    Our wallets love cross-buy titles. Not only can you play them on the go, but if you have yet to make the transition to the PlayStation 4, you won't find yourself having to shell out a few months later. We suppose that there's always a worry that the next-gen version may have been downgraded to meet its less powerful siblings, but the...

  • First Impressions PS4 Puzzler The Swapper Is a Ridley Scott Meets Metroid Masterclass

    Do the old switcheroo

    Games are the perfect medium for escapism, transporting us anywhere from the depths of the ocean to the furthest reaches of the universe. The Swapper depicts an unnerving return to the desolate realm of space, as you’re whisked away to the apparently abandoned Theseus Space Station. Using an experimental device, can you...