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  • News RoboCop: Rogue City Dev Recruiting for Unannounced Action RPG Project

    I'm still scanning three

    Polish developer Teyon had something of a hit with its last effort, RoboCop: Rogue City, which became publisher Nacon's best-ever launch. The studio is looking to augment its development team further, with multiple job listings now open for an unannounced new action RPG, currently in development for PC and console. That's...

  • Review Robot Rescue Revolution (PlayStation 3)

    Rust bucket

    Robot Rescue Revolution is a strategy puzzle game for the PlayStation 3, which tasks you with guiding multiple robots to a goal while navigating treacherous terrain. Available for a relatively slender figure from the PlayStation Store, the title includes three worlds to explore and over 100 levels to complete. The core gameplay involves...

  • News Heavy Fire: Afghanistan to Blast Move with On-Rails Action

    War comes to Move

    There's no shortage of gritty first-person shooters on PlayStation Move – Killzone 3 and MAG both stand out – but they can sometimes be confusing for gamers not used to controlling movement and guns at the same time. That won't be a problem with Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, an on-rails shooter for Move from Polish developers Teyon...