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  • News Tempest 4000 Rated for Release on the PS4

    Don't be a-llama-ed

    Game development icon Jeff Minter’s public spat with Atari had a very happy ending: he’s been allowed to make Tempest 4000 for the PlayStation 4. And it looks like the title’s release is imminent, seeing as it’s just racked up a PEGI rating, suggesting that it’s (almost) ready to go. The game – which looks exactly as...

  • News Tube-Shooting Psychadelica Returns with Tempest 4000

    Jeff Minter and Atari make up

    Not too long ago, Atari and legendary llama loving game maker Jeff Minter locked horns over TxK – the PlayStation Vita’s spiritual successor to Tempest 2000 which was blocked from release on the PlayStation 4. Now the publisher appears to have made the peace with the creator, announcing that Minter's own Llamasoft...