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  • News Unity's Enemies Tech Demo Offers a Tantalising Taste of the Future


    Graphics engine Unity has been showcasing its tech improvements through cinematic demos for several years now, and Enemies is its latest effort. The short clip shows an intimidating lady playing chess in a posh, art deco room that transforms into a Wayne Manor-style elevator. Many of the improvements centre on skin shaders and tension...

  • News Move Tech Demos Show War, Robotic Puppets and Chameleons

    See what it can do

    Last week we brought you a look at the PlayStation Move's origins on PlayStation 2 in the form of some early tech demos, but now we have a collection of bang up-to-date demos showing how far the technology's come in six years. As well as an updated form of the original sorcery demo showing the extra range of control afforded by...

  • News Witness PlayStation Move's Origins on PlayStation 2

    Tech demo shows it existed long before Wii

    You've heard the arguments about whether or not PlayStation Move ripped off the Wii; you might even have started one in a moment of boredom. The technology used in Move actually has its roots in the PlayStation 2's EyeToy camera, as a series of technical demos from 2000 onwards show. In the video below from...