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  • Review Sprint Vector (PS4)

    Usain Bolt's retirement plan

    Movement is one of the toughest things to get right in virtual reality right now. It can work like a charm in some cases, transporting you to a world that you feel fully immersed in as you interact with the environment around you. Or, it can knock you off guard and send you searching for the nearest toilet. Sprint...

  • News PSVR Parkour Platformer Sprint Vector Runs to PS4 Next Month

    Try not to chunder

    A high-speed parkour platformer for PlayStation VR sounds like a superb solution if you want to unsettle your stomach, but the buzz surrounding Sprint Vector is pretty positive. A first-person racing game, the titles sees you pumping your arms in order to pick up speed. We’re not overly sure we want to sweat inside our PSVR...