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    Review Sketchcross


    Nonograms are an eclectic sort of puzzle. Mostly being a spin on sudoku with a hint of crosswords, the objective is to essentially create pixel art of animals, people, shapes, or anything that you can think of by filling in specific squares of a grid. You accomplish this by logically analysing numbers that correspond with rows and columns,...

  • News Sketchcross Scribbles to PS Vita Next Week

    Filling the gaps

    You may know Sketchcross by another name on certain other systems, but seeing as the PlayStation Vita lacks its very own nonogram release, Spiky Fish's latest should hit the spot very nicely. For those not familiar with the format, the game sees you filling out grids using somewhat obscure instructions in order to complete cute...

  • News Sketchcross for PS Vita Looks Like a Game You May Already Like

    Picture perfect

    Innovation is overrated. Alright, maybe that’s a bit too much – but, look, sometimes there’s comfort to be found in things that are familiar. It’s the reason that associate editor Robert Ramsey rarely eats anything other than Margherita pizza, for example – and also why this author has been wearing the same tracksuit...