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  • Review Sparkle Unleashed (PlayStation 4)

    Lacking spark

    Do you remember the days when playing and collecting marbles was popular? No, we're not 100-years-old either, but even though times and technology have changed, Sparkle Unleashed has a familiar premise: you must arrange balls into order for personal satisfaction. The difference here is that your obsessive compulsive disorder isn't the...

  • Review Sparkle 2 (PlayStation 4)

    Let it shine

    There’s a treasure in the world of Sparkle 2 that’s so well hidden that nobody has ever been able to find it. Some people have spent their entire lives trying to track it down, going mad in the process. Naturally, the only way of succeeding where others have failed is to match three or more coloured balls across dozens of levels –...

  • News Duh, No Console Is Complete Without a Match Three Puzzler

    Balls of cheer

    You may have purchased your PlayStation 4 for extortionate blockbusters that bankrupt development teams when you pick them up used, but everyone knows that you can’t have a console without a match three puzzler of some kind. Sony’s flagship handheld already has a couple of these, but the firm’s next-gen system is about to get...